Friday, May 29, 2015

"I'm not married and don't have kids so the forest and leaves are pretty much my kids."

IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! We're so dang excited about summer starting as soon as the bell rings at 2:43 and having the next 10 weeks off. 

Caroline made me a canvas this morning that I love. 8th grade art girls have been bringing me more Miss Wright caricatures that totally rock. I love the things each of them choose to include. Taylor nailed my open mouth smile.

Jayla brought me a deck of cards with 52 reasons why I'm awesome written on them. Oh. My. Gosh. One of the coolest student gifts I've ever gotten. I love the little things she noticed this year. 

After watching HSM 2 in every class, singing along to Camp Rock during 7th period and chanting summer, summer, summer as the final seconds ticked down the bell finally rang for the very last time this school year. WE'RE DONEEEEEEE!!!!

Maddie, Natalie, Jules, Cecilia and Lince came to visit right before they headed home. Dodgeball champs even in our dresses. I will miss being in the same building as these girls.

I've loved having Morgan, Hannah, Emily, Sydney, Lauren and Maddie in class this year. In both semesters I've been lucky enough to teach so many incredible kids. I can't wait to go to Castaway with them in just a few days and then to be at Fall Creek Junior High together next year.

I love this cabin of moms with all of their kids on leashes. The moms even brought snacks in their fanny packs to share.

Our cabin is just so #basiccampgirl with all your favorite camp clothes and accessories.

Raise the roof, raise the roof...

Raise the roof, RAISE THE ROOF!

Instagram... Insta Graham...

Can I tell you I'm just so dang happy to be friends with Amanda and Amy all summer and in the same cabin for a week? It's pretty awesome already.

Justin Bieber serenade. This is amazing.

Don't try to cross the body guard circle.

Sarah and Ellyn daily pics are back. 1 down, 69 to go.

Mike and Tom burst out of the caterpillar as butterflies and then ran campfire like it's their job. Which I guess it is, so that's good.

We had our annual fire building contest-- Erin, Georgia and Skylar. They immediately lit their kindling on fire which actually turned out to be an ok strategy.

What the hobb. J is the best boss ever. You wish you worked with him.

I'm so excited for what's to come. So many friendships are about to spark, adventures will happen and new memories are being made right now. I love this place. It's so surreal, but I'm back home again.

Honorable mention blog titles:
"I'm really good at listening, I'm really bad at conversationalizing."
"I'm going to be here week 3 as a Brave and I hope I get any of you as a counselor."

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