Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"Love one another constantly."

 Sports-- I may not play them, but I think I attend more sporting events than anyone else that I know. One of my rules for life is that I show up as often as I can in the lives of people I care about. These days showing up means attending a whole lot of sports. Tonight I traveled up to West Lafayette for the Girls HS Track Regional's Meet. I knew I would get to see Han and Shu jump, Grace run and the Johnson girls race. I'd tried to see Kristen and Lauren run in the Fall but they never ran at the meets I was able to go to. But tonight I would get to see them all.

THEY WERE ALL AWESOME! Han cleared 5' which was exciting, the Johnson's dominated their races, and Grace was dang fast. 

I ended up seeing so many more people than I expected too. Evan, the 3rd Johnson triplet, was working the meet. Rachel Yuska ran two events and Maggie was there to cheer her on. Grace and Chloe Lachmund were there to support the team. Cailey Daluga came as a West Side alumni. I got to say hi to so many other random camp friends like Chloe, Sarah and Julia. 

I loved seeing Grace run in the 4 x 800 and the 4 x 400-- she is one of the best encouragers I've ever witnessed. Oh my goodness--watching Lauren Johnson run the 2 mile was just amazing. That girl got out of the pack after the first lap and then just led the way the rest of the time. I loved seeing Kristen race against Rachel and Bippus in the mile. Nichwitz will always amaze me. Courtney is such a fighter. These girls are so mentally tough and it makes me tired to think of all the miles they've put into training.

Once high jump was over I got to hang out with Katie and Han the rest of the night. We stood over the fence and screamed and cheered for all of our friends. Since we were so far away from home, I didn't plan on staying but ended up being there till the very last race. It was totally worth the drive to be there with these people. I love (the people in) sports.

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