Thursday, May 21, 2015

"She's just always so nice to everyone. Ugh."

It's the end of an era. Today was the very last FBC at HSJH. For the past three years we've met here every Thursday to make games and play bracelets. After this summer I'll be back at Fall Creek Junior High (currently the Freshmen Center, formally known as HSE Junior High... very confusing) where I will continue the Thursday tradition of FBC. 

For my 7th graders, that means they'll continue hanging out with me and making bracelets or they'll get their mom to drive them over to FCJH so they can party with us. FBC never stops.

I am really going to miss the 8th graders next year. They are an incredible bunch of friendship braceleters. Seriously I don't know if any grade will ever surpass the skills of Cecilia, Elise, Taylor, Audrey, Lulu and Sophie. Hopefully they'll continue making bracelets in HS and keep carrying their string around with them from class to class. Priorities, right?

THE FRIENDSHIP BRACELET TANKS ARRIVEDDDDDDD! Last week I suddenly got the inspiration to make an FBC tank for the summer. Because I'd be cutting it so close with timing I had to design it and collect orders in just 24 hours. Rather than a big order like with the sweatshirts in the Fall, this gal is just a collector's item. They showed up a week early today and I was thrilled with how they turned out when I opened up the box. I can't wait to wear it an absurd amount all summer long.

The Junior High choirs performed tonight for their last concert of the year. They all sang Disney songs which was a crowd please. 7th graders sang Be Our Guest and a Disney medley. The 8th grade girls choir sang Under the Sea and a Princess medley.  The mixed 8th grade choir sang Life Is A Highway and You've Got A Friend. The all of the choirs returned to the stage to sing For Good from the musical Wicked. Their choir director had all of the 8th graders write a letter to someone who had changed them for good and then deliver that letter to them in the audience. It was very cool.

It's been a wild year and I'm so thankful for these 7th grade girls and their presence in my classroom and in the halls. Izzy, Grace, Payton, Mayson, Grace, Brooke, Eliza, Reese, Emily, Madeline and Hannah are all such sweet girls and I've loved getting to know them. They make me love being a teacher.

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