Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"You? You're awesome. You were made that way. You were made from love, to love and be loved."

I was showing the stopwatch to the runner who had just gotten second place when I hear a little voice in the lane beside me say, "Sarah?!" I look over and it's Maddie! This sweet little girl has been in Choctaw with Ellyn and I the past two summers during week 9. It was so exciting and such a surprise to run into her today.

Finally I got to be Fudge's timer when she got second in the 800. I love how the HSE runners always say good luck to the other runners at the start line and then congratulate them when they finish their race. Tonight our kids dominated pretty much every event of the night.It was a great Junior High track season. They've just got county on Friday night--hopefully they'll do well!

Did you know that there is only one more #tecumsehtuesday before I'm back at Tecumseh for every Tuesday? The anticipation is building.

I can't wait to run to the fruit bar in the morning to get strawberries and blueberries.

I can't wait to have every meal in the Party Room and to be invaded by the Braves and Blazers during lunch.

I can't wait for chapel in the Green Cathedral every morning--especially all camp chapels.

I can't wait for RFAJWD.

I can't wait for the feeling of finishing a whole Session of CILT Parent Letters.

I can't wait to wake up next to Ellyn in Choctaw every morning.

I can't wait for dance parties at flagpole after clinics.

I can't wait for Closing Campfire on Friday nights.

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