Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"People throw babies in the pool all the time. Haven't you heard of that? I've literally heard of infants being thrown in."

Our second morning devotion at HSJH brought a crowd, including the one and only Hannah Blachly. Today we started in 1 Peter, "Be content with who you are, and don't put on airs. God's strong hand is on you; he'll promote you at the right time. Live carefree before God; he is most careful with you." 

We have so many different bible studies going on throughout the week, but I love when we get to gather as a big group like this one. YL is awesome, but getting kids thinking about and growing in their faith in Junior High is so important. I remember going to youth group in middle school and securing my foundation of faith. I pray that girls like Sophie, Hailey, Elyse, Elise, Silvana and Mia will stay secure in their relationships with God.

After school the fiesta gang got back together at El Rodeo-- today's amigos included Es, Julia, Alex, Rachel and Chloe. We downed chips and salsa and queso and Rachel even got a taco.

Today's list was "Top 10 Things We're Excited About This Summer" which was full of anticipation...

1. Leading at Castaway with Devoe for Wyld Life Camp
3. Having a cabin of HS girls at Castaway for Young Life
4. 3-pete summer with Ellyn in Choctaw
5. Being a CILT counselor for girls like Olivia, Kaya, Julia, Elise, Lucy and Maggie
6. Sarah and Ben's baby being born
7. Julia and Han coming to visit me at Tecumseh
8. Blazer homies week 9
9. Reuniting with so many counselor and camper friends
10. Devotions in Choctaw and chapel in the new Green Cathedral

Han got out of track early so Hools and I got to spontaneously hang out with her. I'm pretty sure Han is going to wear something Bama every single day till she moves in there. Then we will miss these times when we got to hang out and Han would wrestle Julia to the ground in one swift move.

Indy Camp T girls are home from college so we wasted no time in getting together at Mellow Mushroom-- Tecumseh's official-unofficial pizza place. Kevyn, Molly, Alli, Ellyn, Maddy and I laughed and ate and told old stories and laughed some more. We can't wait for summer and (most of us will be) living in the Riv together again.

This summer Ellyn and I are gearing up for a 3-pete in Choctaw. There are a select few pairs of counselors that have spent two summers together-- Becca and Laurie recently, Evan and Jared, Shannon Evoy and I, Anne and Meg... any I'm forgetting? But I think we'll be the first pair to spend three summers together in the same cabin.

Can't wait for more of Ellyn's messy ponytails, eating candy before bed, her instructions for going poop in the Longhouse, "REST HOUR BEST HOUR!", sleepovers with Moe, Joe, Fairbanks and Yoda, obsession with Spongebob, Will Smith and IU, cans of cold sprite and stories from the CAC.

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