Sunday, May 3, 2015

"I thought I could bury my feelings in work and school and Taylor Swift collages but some of the feelings are leaking out."

Friday morning started early with these sweet girls and some talk about Jesus. We listened to I Am Not Alone by Kari Jobe, read Romans 8:38 about how we can never be separated from God's love and wrote our own version of the verses. I pray that these girls will always know the greatness of God's love for them. 

It was a whole weekend packed with fun. Julia, Hope and Cecilia, Maddie, Emily and I showed up at Fishers to cheer on tennis rock stars like Liz Huston and Demi. Emily would rather have a picture by herself than with anyone else.

We walked over to the track to the Fishers/HSE Mudsock Meet to see Hannah, Katie, Grace and other track friends. There were SO MANY PEOPLE around. It was their united meet which meant that members of the Best Buddies program were also competing in events.

We met up with Chloe for dinner at Which Wich. Then everyone went to the movies to see Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively and Michiel Huisman. We were joined by Nat Rat, Mallory, Natalie Cefali, Jules and Lucy and our crew took up an entire row in the theater.

Saturday morning Ryan and I finally got to check "Breakfast at Patachou" off of our friendship bucket list. I'm thankful for his friendship, for cinnamon toast straight from heaven and good conversation about life, camp, hometowns, small town restaurants, YL, camp, good books and kids.

Then I got to spend the next 24 hours at Camp T CILTing it up with Alli Kenney, Liz and Tim-- binders, planning, brainstorming, scheduling, adventuring, photo shoots and team building filled our time together.  I'm so excited for CILTs 2015 with this crew.

Back in Fishers, I got to hang out with Seniors Hannah and Ashley. We've officially got a month left of living in the same place so we're soaking up this time together. Ash took us to a new restaurant in Fishers called Pure Eatery that was so delicious and kind of hipster with it's locally grown produce and healthy foods. My old roommates Colleen and Emel would be all over it.

Ash asked if we could help her be more adventurous so I directed us to a nearby park that I hadn't explored yet. There were some kids running around too, but I think we had the most fun climbing on all all the different parts and trying everything out. The night finished with ice cream, because it's basically summer, and good conversation on the way back home. Thankful for these extraordinary girls.


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