Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jingle All the Way Quilt Camp- part 2

Sunday morning we woke up early for devotions up at Quilt Camp with the early risers. I talked about living our lives as a story we're proud of. It was neat to all share people we know who are living great stories. After breakfast the t-shirt quilting continued. Natalie and mom finished three more rows while I was away at the Sar and Ben proposal so we had four more to go. 

I love when we make quilts with an assembly line of cutting, pinning and sewing--such productivity.

Before lunch everyone went upstairs to show and tell the projects they'd been working on all weekend. I loved seeing what all the little girls made and how proud they were.

All my rows were still just rows so I needed some help to show them with the Hot Chocolate Club girls-- don't they all just look so fun? Every t-shirt has a story and so many memories associated with them. I've loved getting to remember all of these parts of my life all weekend.

And then, after lunch, all of the rows got sewn together. HELLO FINISHED T-SHIRT QUILT!

It's been such a great weekend sewing with my mom and Natalie. It is officially Christmas season!


  1. I am seriously in love with this quilt! It's awesome. Way to go! Hopefully the Pulas get to see you soon!

  2. Yay I helped Sophie make her pillow! I still got skills ;) Sad I missed you that night..

  3. Yay! I helped Sophie make her pillow! I still got skills ;) I was sad I missed you that night, but it was sure great to see your momma again.