Friday, December 21, 2012

"I loved having you as my teacher this semester! I will miss not seeing you every 3rd period. Thank you for the school and life lessons."

Today started the best way any school day can start-- with a two hour delay. At 8:00 my alarm went off for the second time and I jumped up to pull on my ugly Christmas sweatshirt, clip a bright green bow in my hair and pack my car for my trip to Michigan. The roads were a little icy on the way to school but I got there in time for the faculty breakfast before school began.

The whole day was so much fun. First of all, everyone is always happy on two hour delays days because they got two extra hours of sleep. 

Secondly, today marked our last day of the first semester. Two whole weeks of no school were just hours away!

Third, we played Jeopardy in my class with categories ranging from "5 Paragraph Essays" to "Christmas Movies" and "Miss Wright." Can you name where I went to college (including the city and state?) or the movie that sings "Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters"? 

And lastly I kept getting fun surprises from my kids all day long. Highlights included this custom coffee thermos from Lucy that had all of my favorite things inside, fun socks and a letter from Avery, lots of baked goods, a snowman ornament from Anne with a note on the back, a cool candle and bracelet from Emma and a Christmas wreath from Young Life with notes from kids tied onto it. These gifts from kids aren't expected but are such a special thing.

This has been my favorite semester as a whole since I've started teaching. Being next door to Mr. Hodgin makes every day fun and entertaining. All of my students have been so fun, respectful, creative, kind and basically awesome. I was nervous about having an 8th grade class but I ended up loving being with these kids for a second year. Since Wyld Life started in our Junior High it's been so cool to have that connection with so many of our students. I'm a little nervous to have all brand-new students next semester when we come back but am sure it will be great again.

Libby finished her finals at Cathedral early enough that she could show up to her sister's lunch at our school. I picked her up from the office and then we went to surprise Emma. I got my lunch from the line and then Lib and I shared a seat right in the middle of the cafeteria. Usually I sit in the teacher's lounge but today it was so fun to be with all the kids.

After school I drove... and drove... and drove some more. Until I ended up in Holland at my parent's house! It was all dressed up for Christmas with some of my favorite decorations like old ornaments of Katie and I when we were little. I'm excited to spend this first part of break with my whole family.

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