Tuesday, December 18, 2012

YL reunion and celebration

Tonight I got to revisit an old favorite tradition, meeting these girls for dinner at Bella. We used to gather here weekly over pieces of giant greasy pepperoni pizza or Jimmy Johns sandwiches they brought from next door. But now Steph, Hannah, Emily, Kayla and the rest of the girls are all away at school. They've just finished their first semester of freshmen year and I wanted to make sure I'd get to see some of them before I left on break. It was so good to be back together and get little updates on their lives and notice changes of how they've already grown and changed.

Next I got to start a new tradition, the HSE Committee and Leader Christmas Party. This was the first time we've all gathered together and it was so fun to see all of these people in the same place. I'm so thankful for the kids, leaders, and adults that are part of this YL family and the commitment they've made to see it through. It continues to be one of the most obvious answers to prayers I've ever witnessed and been a part of. I'm glad that we make it a priority to come together and celebrate--chocolate fountain included!

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