Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sar and Boyfriend Ben are ENGAGED!

Saturday after I left Quilt Camp I drove up to Chicago for a very special event. I'd found out on Monday that Ben was planning to propose to Sarah on Saturday. I immediately freaked out, talk to Mary Ellen and freaked out some more, and told Ben that of course I would be there. He let Mary Ellen, Michelle and I be part of the engagement secret mission.

I met Ben, Katherine (his sister), Steven (his best friend), Mary Ellen and Michelle at the church when I got to town. Mary Ellen screamed so loud in the parking lot that I thought the neighbors might be concerned. Inside of Grace, everything was set up and Ben talked through the plan of what would happen. I freaked out when I saw the ring in person.

We made sure everything was in place and prayed with Ben before we left for the next step of the plan.

Mary Ellen, Michelle and I drove a few minutes away to the Happ Inn where Sar and her mom were eating dinner. We walked up to their table, video camera in hand, and said hi. Needless to say, she freaked out and immediately knew that our presence meant that this was the night. We took her with us and got back in the car. Video camera still rolling we tried to talk but Sar was freaking out (in a good way) and what do you really say to someone when you're on your way to their engagement? It was fun and hilarious and there was a lot of nervous giggling involved.

When we got to church we took Sarah to the front door and she headed inside. Luckily we had prearranged to sneak up to the balcony (where Steven and Katherine were already waiting) so that we could watch the whole proposal. It was beautiful and personal and creative and heartfelt and I feel so lucky that I got to watch from afar. I'm so excited for one of my best friends of my life that she is so happy and in love with such an incredible man.

When Ben yelled, "She said yes!" to us we all screamed and ran down to the front of the church to see them. We hugged and took pictures and talked about how Sarah was so surprised and it was just perfect. This pair is such a beautiful example of loving Christ and loving one another.

I took pictures with Sarah's camera so I don't have too many on my own. But trust me, we took about a hundred of Sarah and Ben and the ring and they are precious.

And when we got enough of Sarah and Ben the friends got in there too. I love these friends.

And these friends are SO EXCITED that they're engaged!

We've talked for such a long time about how when we get engaged we want our friends to be there and I'm so glad that it really happened. It was such a gift to get to be here with Sar--to kidnap her and then to celebrate together.

Next we headed to their friend's home a few minutes away where a whole crowd of friends and family were waiting to celebrate. Ben's dad made a toast, we ate cupcakes, heard the whole proposal story and got to hang out. I could only stay for a little bit before I had to head back to Indiana. This was easily the shortest trip I've ever made to Chicago but also one of the most special. I'm so excited for Sarah and Ben and that the best is still yet to come.

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