Saturday, December 29, 2012

A letter to a stranger, singing in a round and wedding joy

Allison was the first Carmel YL girl that reached out to me to tell me that she wanted to hang out with me, when usually it's the YL leader asking kids to hang out. All the way back in 2009 Al had this incredible gift to sit and talk and be honest and ask good questions and share what she's been reading or thinking about. I love having time to sit and talk with her. When we decide to have coffee I know that we'll end up sitting in our booth for several hours together.

This morning was no exception. Both of us are feeling very spontaneous lately so when Allison suggested we write a note to the guy had been studying at the counter by the window all morning I jumped on board. I love friends that are willing to be weird and strange and relational and fun and think out of the box.

I drove up to camp with Emily and Eric this afternoon to attend the wedding of two old camp friends. Before the event we took a pit-stop at the Elliot's house to visit and play with the kids. We were so excited to find Adam and Shannon inside when we got there, to play with Oliver's new castle, play with princesses, see Sophie's unicorn dream maker and learn her Christmas song. Never a dull moment.

The wedding of Christa and Ben was one of the most surprising and exciting marriages I've ever witnessed. I've known both of them for many, many years. Christa has been a secretary at camp helping mom with Quilt Camp and me with CILT registration, but really being the most kind, prayerful, encouraging, joyful woman I've ever known. Ben was a counselor for several summers before working OE for a few seasons and I'll never forget the adventures he would have all over camp. I never would have predicted that this pair would fall in love but now that they have it seems so perfect.

I'm so excited for them to start their life out West together and am confident that they will love and take care of another. Hopefully they'll be back to visit camp this summer.

I loved the wintery decorations especially Christa's broach bouquet. It was so good to see a huge clan of camp friends like Charlie, Shannon, Squirt, Jordan and Stacey, Mike and Mel, so many families, Adam, Molly and more. My parents, Katie and Linc came down from Michigan and even though it's only been a couple days I was so happy to see them. The Lincster was my best buddy and he looked very dapper in his bow tie.

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