Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Highs of the Day

Supporting Indiana Elite Spirit Day with a cheer bow in my hair this morning:

These bits of conversation in my classroom today:

"Someone crazy I've met is a hillbilly. He told my dad and I that every time he kills a deer he pulls out the heart and eats it."

"Do you live on a different planet?"
"Yes, I'm from Mars."
"That explains why your eyebrows and hair are different colors."

Getting these pictures sent to me:

 (I'm not sure where Oh la la Olivia got that tiny alligator. Yes, that's a tree wearing a knitted sweater that appeared on Jamie Z's street this morning.)

Going to Orange Leaf with these girls:

(and celebrating No Pants Wednesday in that dress and Emel's necklace!)

Crafting this collage for a friend:

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