Saturday, December 15, 2012

Boomslam Overall and SATURDAY!

Friday after school we didn't race out the door to get home for the weekend. Instead, about 100 teachers and students stuck around for the first ever Amazing Race. Our Fit Council organized the event to get everyone actively involved in donating children's books to area hospitals over the holidays.

Teams of four kids recruited a teacher to be their team leader. Everyone had creative costumes and we all gathered together to hear the rules it was so fun to see everyone's outfits. I'm a big fan of the capes, light sabers, suspenders and plethora of tie-dye.

I got to be with four of the girls from my Love Does group-- Julia, Olivia, Erin and Anna. These kids are hilarious and I always love getting to spend time with them. We became Team Boomslam Overall for the event and wore some pretty stand-out boomslam outfits.

The teachers had to stay sitting on their scooter for the whole race (except when they were trying the Minute To Win It Challenges). The girls would hold onto my arms and run down the hallway pulling me behind sooooo fast. We went from one end of the school to the other as the girls worked at completing their academic challenges as quickly as possible.

They had a lot of enthusiasm. (Yep, this one is for you Mags.)

Because it was the first year and some rules hadn't really been figured out yet, by the end of the race it was too hard to tell who had played right because no one knew what right was. I do know that my girls rocked, they solved every challenge quickly and I figured out how to master the dice, oreo and bolt challenges. We had a blast.

After a visit to the doctor to get meds for my sinus infection I headed to Natalie's house. We had a chick flick Friday with Nat, Kylie, Hannah, Carly and Natalie. "13 Going On 30" was the unanimous decision for the movie which was accompanied by necessities like pizza and popcorn. With Finals just around the corner for these girls I'm glad we had time to hang out.

Saturday morning I woke up to find Sarah and Ben had snuck inside in the middle of the night. That sort of thing doesn't happen all the time so I was a bit startled but decided we should probably find them some breakfast at Patachou. While we ventured out to play city, Colleen and Emel started the Annual Cookie Sweatshop back at home. They ended up baking seven types of cookies throughout the day, probs about 500 cookies.

I took Sar and Ben down to Mass Ave to Crimson Tate, the best quilt shop around. I'd been there a few months ago with Bethie and had to come get backing for my t-shirt quilt. I was so excited when I walked in the door and found Heather behind the cutting table! She used to work at Camp T for a few years when I was growing up and it was so fun to see her in her element this morning.

Next stop was Mary Ellen's house to help her prepare for Coleman's birthday. I learned to make tissue paper pom-poms,  we made white chocolate party mix and fruit pizza, Ben hung lights and Sar made a birthday banner. It was a whirlwind of fixing and creative-cleaning but totally party ready when we left.

We took Ben to Mellow Mushroom in Carmel for dinner because he and I share a deep fondness for all things pizza. Ellyn had to pick up her FBC sweatshirt from me (she's in the elite group of people that have all 4) so she joined us for dinner. After all, she is the one that first introduced me to the Mushroom.

I spent the rest of the night with Emily, Lily, Rachel and McSoley. We played a little Catch Phrase, tried to stump each other in Name 5, had a mini throw back Tecumseh songfest and watched Sam Tsui YouTube videos (look up his summer pop medleys). I love that these friends have been a part of my life for so long and I know that they'll always have my back.

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