Thursday, December 27, 2012

"I just pictured us in all silver outfits."

This morning before leaving the great snowy state of Michigan I met up with one of my dear friends Casey Dawson at the Good Earth in Holland for a lunch and catch up session. I love that Case and I still make time to see each other even when visits are far apart. I'm pretty sure that she and I will continue to be friends for a long, long time just like we said we would when we first became friends at Hope.

We sat and caught up on life, wrote Top 10 lists together, saw my old friends Carolyn and Dan and their new baby Micah, walked around 8th St for a little bit and laughed together. So thankful for this girl.

I drove back to Indy expecting to find the "Blizzard" upon arrival but the roads were plowed and it really wasn't bad at all. I had planned to go to dinner with old YL girls but found out they were going to Zumba first. They invited me to come along and even though I still didn't feel quite back to myself yet I had to Rule #4 and show up. Good thing I did.

I've done Zumba with Kata at Tecumseh but have never gone to an official class. It was hilarious to follow the instructor onstage and try to figure it out fast enough to follow along. Sophie and Dom are Zumba regulars and knew all the routines but Taylor and I added our own extra flare and facial expressions as we danced.

Taylor and I went to dinner afterwards. We were debating what to do about a certain situation with lists and making up scenarios and finally decided we should call a friend for advice. So we called Sarah Briggs. But she didn't answer. So the next obvious choice was to call Bob Goff (author of Love Does).

Taylor had never talked to Bob on the phone before so it was a very big deal. He continues to be the most friendly, helpful, encouraging man in the world. Bob wants to become more and more like Jesus, so he makes himself available to people just like Jesus did. They chatted for a bit and he gave her some encouragement and advice without telling her exactly what to do. "Keep being fantastic. Keep being people. Don't be wanting. Keep doing good things."

I didn't have time to go see the Twinkling House before Christmas so we crossed our fingers that the lights would still be up and headed across town for a little adventure. This house in the middle of a neighborhood has a whole yard full of lights that are choreographed to light up along with about six different Christmas songs. You tune into a certain radio station as you watch the whole show from your car. So cool.

I'm thankful for good friends, real conversation, great adventures, relationships rooted in Christ, making connections, dance parties and living life with people.

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