Thursday, December 20, 2012

Highs of the Day

1. Getting to see Krafty for coffee before school began
2. Nothing like a vanilla latte bought with a Christmas gift card to make your day that much better
3. Doing #26acts and the excerpt from Wonder with my morning classes

4. Writing the condensed version of love tanks with all of my afternoon classes
5. Getting to wear my bright corduroys with my Hope sweatshirt for college day
6. Kind words from my students and that after all the time each class feels like a little family with their own inside jokes-- Katniss, 1-2-3, the old people, Love Sac...
7. Meeting Haley, Haley, Haleigh and Hannah for milkshakes at the Coffee Spoon after school

8. Getting a surprise visit from Libby and Olivia at the Coffee Spoon
9. Having a roommate Yats and Chick Flick Thursday party
10. Packing... because that means I get to go to MICHIGAN so soon
11. Knowing the world actually won't end tomorrow, but we might have a two hour delay

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