Thursday, December 6, 2012

"These sweatshirts are so fetch Miss Wright."

I love when I hear pounding on my classroom window and look outside to find these two hooligans asking to be let in.

We passed out the new FBC sweatshirts today and they were a huge hit. Colleen and Emel told me a few nights ago that they think these are the best ones yet. Even though room 124 gets hot at the end of the day the girls pulled on the new paprika shirts, so excited to be matching.

We played Scattegories and the memory game together. Then I ripped open bags of loops to make headbands and everyone repeated after me, "I promise to share and not hoard the brightest colors or make a secret stash because that's rude and we're nice to everyone in FBC." And then everyone was really nice and good at sharing and made such beautiful potholder headbands.

I'm excited for everyone to wear their sweatshirts and headbands to school tomorrow--it's going to be such a big day. Feeling extra thankful for these girls who do such a great job of living each day with joy and make so happy whenever our paths cross during the day at school.

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