Monday, December 10, 2012

And back to real life...

I'm on door duty right now, greeting kids as they walk into school first thing in the morning. A Camp T girls walked by and I said, "Hi Emma." In her sleepy state she said, "Hi Sarah.... OH MY GOSH. I MEAN MISS WRIGHT! I'M SO SORRY." Made my morning.

One of my students brought me a tin of waffle like cookies for Christmas. I ate two of them while I was teaching today.

I had to write both Reunion blog posts today because they were so long and I didn't have the brain capacity to make it happen on Sunday night. I love thinking and reflecting and writing on all things camp related. The pictures are great because those people are awesome and I love that they soon found their way onto Instagram and Facebook after I posted.

We talked about the story of "The Room" tonight in Campaigner's, one of my favorite chapels. Our group was a bit smaller since so many people are already busy with finals. But because we had a smaller circle everyone got to share so much more and I loved hearing what they had to say.

A few months ago I found an awesome deal on a Patagonia vest on back order and it finally arrived yesterday! Can't wait to wear it later this week.

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