Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear Miss Wright,

In class Friday my students were asked to write a letter to one of their favorite teachers of the semester. I delivered the letters to the teachers today and it's really neat to see how almost every teacher ends up getting some-- I work with some incredible people. The following are excerpts from letters I received that were so great I had to share.

"Sometimes I cannot stop laughing after your stories. You remind me of a Disney character, his name is Nemo. Nemo is very brave, smart, funny and curious. You have all of those qualities. You are young and creative so you understand 7th graders very well. You are also very pretty, you look like a high schooler and that is a good thing."

"At the beginning of the year I did not really like  you because my sister really did and usually I do not like the people she likes. But I also did not know you. Now you are my favorite teacher. I like how your room is all decorated and fun instead of tan walls with a few posters of the teacher's favorite college like other rooms. I thought it was funny how yesterday was Taylor Swift's birthday and you were standing in the hallway singing. I feel like I am writing you a love letter saying all the things I like about you. But I like how you're obsessed with Taylor Swift, Diet Coke and a lot more things like that."

"You have also taught me a lot about life. You did not directly teach me about life but I could tell what your message was. You wore different clothes that did not match. I learned you can be who you want to be and you should not let anyone change that. You wore overalls, tried to bring Fanny Packs back and did, also you wore a lot of Young Life and FBC sweatshirts. Plus you wore snapbacks. I have never met a teacher that is cool enough to wear a snapback."

"I also really love how you walk in every day and say something in a cool accent. I just love accents." Sidenote: I don't know when I've ever walked into the room talking in an accent. "Anyway, the way you decorate your room is absolutely amazing. I wish I had a bedroom like your classroom. The walls are covered with inspiring quotes and eye-catching signs. Every day I look forward to English Comp. You rock my world!"

"Your personality is super crazy, but that is perfect. I can tell you are a goofy person that MUST be fun to be around."

"I loved writing to pen pals and how you actually let us meet them. I do not know many teachers who would just let loose for a little while and let us do something fun for once. You are just like a kid and you actually get us."

"I am really glad to have a teacher like you because I see you almost like a mentor. Wyld Life with you is fun too. Next year at bible study I hope we can come to your room every other Friday. You literally are my favorite teacher of all time no joke. Please write back."

"I must say, I have mixed feelings about you. On one hand you are really cool and hip and trendy, but on the other hand you are always telling me to stop talking AND GO BACK TO MY SEAT. It gets old. But I know you are just doing your job, and I always go back to my seat, only to get up again. Do you ever get tired of it? I certainly don't."

"You can find a way to have fun with anything. You even made those research projects fun. But most of all I love friendship bracelet club and Wyld Life. You are the best friendship bracelet maker of all time. You tie those strings so fast that I can't even keep up with you. You make Wyld Life so much fun but that cereal game, that was gross. I like how you wear fanny packs on Friday and wolf shirts on Wednesdays. I think it is so fun how you wear overalls with funky shirts and it does not even matter to you; you act like it is something you frequently do. Do you frequently wear overalls? I also like when you wear a potholder headband like a ninja, it is such a fun look."

"You taught me how to write better than I did before. Also, that there are more than two "right words" but three. There is "right", "write", and "Wright." (The last one is the best.)"

"I seriously wish I had your life. You're the only teacher that I feel really gets 7th graders. You're never boring or old. You make friendship bracelets in your free time, you're a camp counselor and you lead Young Life. I bet no other teacher in the wold can say that."

"I would just like to say you're the best teacher, friend, sister, daughter, wife and leader anyone could have. I hope you have a nice, long life."

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  1. AMEN and hip hip hooray, and high five, and sing a praise song out loud, and jump for joy. that was fabulous!!!