Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Her last name is Muhaha so she calls herself the Laughing Cow"

Highs of the day:
-Reverb Project emails from Fitzie
-Celebrating TSwift's birthday by singing every passing period with Mr. Hodgin
-Having my 8th graders meet their pen-pals this afternoon and watching them all interact

-Hanging out with girls during FBC
-A Christmas card from the Odle family
-Being able to lay down and catch up on Private Practice and Glee
-I uploaded all the CILT reunion pictures yesterday and I love seeing the comments and the ones that have become people's profile pictures #campstrongallyearlong

-Talking on the phone with Mags and being thankful that we can still be close even when we're far away
-Dinner with Arielle and a surprise from Molly Gigax
-Going to bed early

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