Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mountain Updates

 Lincoln is loving the Mountain life, especially because he constantly has someone that wants to play with him or dress him up. Don't let that slightly upset face phase you, he loves the ski boots.

We discovered that playing Sporcle is a great family activity. Whether it's guessing movies from a picture or naming common three letter words or identifying burgers, five brains are better than one.

Grandpa and Nick took Lincoln on a sled adventure. They found a good hill to go down and Linc loved it.

We're always spying out the window to see if there are any dogs or kids going by that we can watch. Soon Linc will be looking for Santa's sleigh.

Today Katie got out on the hill with us. She was a little tentative at first but after a quick refresher in Totem Village she was ready for the big hill.

It's always more fun to ski with all of us together. We found some new fun trails today off of a different lift. Katie could practice on the big path and Nick convinced me to go into the woods on a tiny trail that weaved in between trees. No injuries yet.

We stopped for a lunch break and met the rest of the family in the Lodge.

 Lincoln loves dipping anything. Today he got to dip french fries in barbecue and ketchup. Really he just sucks off the ketchup without taking a bite and goes back to dip it again.

He got a new snowsuit for this trip so he gets all bundled up every time he goes outside.

We keep trying to convince Linc to come with us but we just can't get him to strap on those skis yet. Instead he's doing a great job of keeping Grandma and Grandpa entertained.

So the three best friends headed back out into the frozen tundra for a few more runs down the mountain. This time we found a little jump someone had made from a pile of snow. Nick and I practiced going over it each time and I felt pretty proud that I didn't wipe out after landing the jump each time.

We came home to find Lincoln sliding down the banister all by himself. Such a dare devil he is. Grandma also keeps giving Lincoln new Christmas books a couple times a day. The most recent one plays Take Me Out To The Ball Game when you open it up. Lincoln is obsessed.

*Lincoln actually was not going down the banister all by himself-- just in case you were concerned. There is a responsible spotter holding onto him from the other side of the railing.

We went back out to the mountain after dinner for some night skiing. Katie is doing a great job of going faster, Nick is nailing a 180 jump off the snow pile and I'm working on my backwards skiing. #skills

Back at home we all played a traditional Wright family game of 5 Crowns with dessert. I won with a low score of 64 because I got so lucky with all the wild cards. More playing and skiing to come tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like an awesome trip! Also, that lunchtime photo may be my new favorite of Dave. :)