Saturday, February 20, 2016

"And then days like today end up just being the very best days ever."

Super speed blogging. Here we go...

Upper Room YL and WL Leadership--these humans rule

Pouring over scriptures of God's promises, writing letters and praying for kids signed up for camp

Blake, Maddie, Hannah and Reese's dance competition

Queen Bee-- these girls killed it

Rachel and I think we were meant to be dancers and are sad that never worked out

Wyld Life All In Club at the Barn

Impromptu human knot

Boys + more boys in the next 5 pictures

So many friends

Hip pics and Rachel rocks

Impromptu pyramid contest

We love Wyld Life

Junior High kids are freaking awesome

Streamers race

Zebra Unicorn

We may or may not have found these on the floor

That's a wrap

Craig v. Craig

1 minute Dance Party

Defying Gravity

"Just you and I, defying gravity..."

Marshmallow toss

Heart stacker

Cookie Monster

1 minute dance party part 2

Kleenex race-- KCraig's dream come true

Cereal Bracelet Maker

The Rachel, James and Hannah Band

Trulock's Club Talk and Marcella is my homie

"You are so loved. God is fighting for you even when you can't fight for yourself."

Rachel is one of the greats-- plus she'll come with me on spontaneous Wal-Mart trips late at night for unicorn cat shirts

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