Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"You are loved. A ton. Like a freak load." 29!

I'm pretty confident that my most celebrated birthdays started when I became a teacher. I didn't know that would be a perk of this profession but it has become one of my favorite byproduct. This year was no exception to the avalanche of love. 

I could hear whispering when I got to my classroom door this morning and a few rebellious streamers were peaking out of the cracks. I turned on the lights and heard a chorus of voices yell, "SURPRISE!" before they all started in on Happy Birthday. These girls decorated every corner and surface of my classroom, wrote cards and even brought Diet Coke and friendship bracelets. 

Thanks to the streamers in front of my door, soon enough most kids in the school knew it was my birthday and would say, "Happy birthday Miss Wright!" When they passed me in the hallway. I got a note from Mer, a whole Spanish class singing Feliz Cumpleanos and happy birthday notes all across my white boards. Haleigh showed up in the afternoon with a birthday vanilla latte, my favorite, and the dream team rocked out the afternoon. 

I got to open up my birthday box from my sister with beautiful mess cards of the month and special "make a mess" awesomeness. I think this sign is the best one yet. 

Not gonna lie, Instagram posts are one of my favorite parts of birthdays. Especially for friends I don't get to see in person, I love seeing the pics that they choose, the creative things they say, the memories that make me laugh.

Ellyn showed up at my apartment before the party. After accidentally knocking on two wrongs doors, walking into one wrong apartment, she finally made it into my house. I about died when I opened up her gifts-- a "Home Sweet Choctaw" needlepoint and a #SarahAndDailyPics book. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Last week when I was hanging out with Maddie and Hools they asked about my birthday plans. I wasn't sure at that point and Maddie screamed, "I WANT TO HOST A PARTY!" Hools immediately volunteered to plan with her. I asked them to make sure that Ellyn and KCraig were in attendance but they were in charge of everything else.

We rolled up to Maddie's house and walked into a room of so many of my favorite people in the world. Maddie and Hools did such a good job of rounding up a freaking dream team. Seniors Haleigh and Rachel, Juniors Julia, Genna and Chloe, Liz the Sophomore, Maddie and Cami the Freshmen and Hannah reppin' the Junior High.

I didn't realize these four moms would all be there tonight and I'm so glad they were-- I actually teared up when I saw them all in the kitchen. Michelle, KCraig, Janelle and Mel have such a significant role in my life. They have each been huge encouragers, leaders, prayer warriors, friends and servants in my life. 

One of the Dewolf family birthday traditions is starting the day with birthday pancakes. Birthday Snow interrupted our plans, so I ended up with birthday pancakes from Hools at dinner tonight.

Julia has also developed a tradition of getting famous people to tell me happy birthday. First as an 8th grader she got Bob Goff to call me and leave a voicemail. When she was a freshmen she got Kid President to tweet at me. This year she got BC Serna (our vlogging, Instagramming obsession) to send a birthday snapchat. Oh. My. Gosh. She didn't even tell him my name and he just knew-- so basically we're friends at this point. 

KCraig is my home girl, dance partner and my YL sidekick. Tonight she gave me a collection of all my favorite things-- blue pens, canvases, paint, friendship bracelet string, tape and scrunchies. Everyone gave me such thoughtful gifts--these people know me well.

Did you hear it's National Pizza Day too? How ironic. Pizza Party, Best Party.

Ok-- this was so cool. There were helium balloons all over the room and tied to the bottom of each one was a note from one of these friends. Talk about taking love tanks to the next level.

If you spend a little bit of time with YL people you quickly learn that we love Big Cookie. It's become a dessert staple in the Halkyard household so I was thrilled when we devoured it together tonight. 

These girls are hilarious and fun and silly and I love hanging out with them-- even when they're doing weird ab workouts.

The grand finale of the night was one heck of a freaking awesome dance party. Maddie blared the music and you better believe this group of girls has got some moves. Mid-way through the dance party we decided that this crew needs to take a road trip or at least hang out on a regular basis. These are party people.

Thank you to the dozens of friends near and far that made me feel so loved all day long. Emily texted me and said, "Are you one of those adults who's in denial of your age? Because you shouldn't be. You're the most fun, energetic, spontaneous people I'm friends with. You give everyone who knows ya a glimmering example of what it means to be truly intentional, crazy thoughtful and contagiously friendly. I know age won't change a thing for you." 29 is going to be awesome.

Honorable Mention Blog Title
"Happy birthday to the most carefree, inspiring, life to the max, sacrificial, long haired, J Crew lovin', picture taking, quilt making, great listener, T Swift singing, crazy dancing girl I know. Love you Sar!"

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