Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Know what tastes better than Chipotle? Free Chipotle!"

 One of my favorite FBC games is our own version of the Dutch Auction. The kids split into teams with their friends and then I shout out different things they need to find or do. One of the funniest tasks today: make five buns on one person's head.

There were five Tecumseh gal pals at FBC today-- what a rock star crew. Sarah Woodward thinks that it should be a life requirement for everyone to go to Camp Tecumseh. I agree with her. 

At the end of FBC Payton Snyder surprised me with a new beautiful bracelet-- check out that beauty on the far right. Oh. My. Gosh. That took a whole lot of time, patience and focus. I gave out a couple bracelets to a couple girls today and one of the said, "I remember when I started FBC in 7th grade and I saw Cecilia's wrists covered with all these really cool bracelets. I told myself that one day my wrists would look like that too-- now they do!"

Thanks to the free burrito coupons Hools and I got earlier this week, we made a very cheap trip to our favorite place tonight. Lucky for us, we ran into Hannah Hutch while we were there. 

The second Washington DC meeting of the week happened at the Clubhouse tonight and Mr. Hodgin and I represented Bus Luke. We're counting down the hours till the Pentagon, Obama's house. Joe's Souvenirs, Newseum and the dance party.

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