Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"I'd love to needlepoint with you and watch Golden Girls."

Many, many moons ago I met a little Brave girl named Lilly. She had a smile on her face all week long and gave counselors more hugs than all of the other campers combined. I've been at Tecumseh for many years and Lilly is one of those kids who has been part of so many of them. Even though she's not in my cabin, she's always one of those kids that I just can't wait to see. She shines joy and her enthusiasm is more contagious than the giggles during rest hour. 

Tonight her team came to my school to play 8th grade girls basketball and you can bet I was there in the stands cheering her on. Lilly was focused on the game but she also kept glancing over at me and smiling-- so totally Lilly. When the game ended I was afraid she'd have to head straight to the locker room but she told her coach, "Hey my sister came to see me play-- can I go say hi?!" and ran across the gym. She's a champ on and off the court.

I wasn't in the stands alone tonight-- Hools, Mads, Cami and Emma were all there too. You could spot us braceleting, eating free nachos, laughing at Big Girl's jokes, exploring the Clubhouse and then heading to Olive Garden for unlimited salad and bread sticks. This is a quote by my desk that says, "Community is more than just fitting someone into your schedule." These girls make that so easy because they feel like family.

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