Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"I want to start saying, 'Chop-Chop!' when I want people to move quicker."

KCraig came to visit my class today and oh my did we learn a lot. Have you ever heard of a sneakerhead before?

Sneakerhead: A person who collects limited, rare and exclusive kicks. Usually the collection consists of Jordans or dunks. 

Today we learned I have a sneakerhead in 4th period with shoes that are worth over $300. He may need to resell them though so he wears plastic bags over them on the way to and from school so they don't get messed up. 

After realizing that this 12-year-old has $300 shoes, KCraig and this student had the following conversation...

KCraig: Do you have a job?
Child: Well, kind of.
KCraig: Tell me about that.
Child: I have a grandma, she's kinda wealthy. She gives me money.
KCraig: That's not a job.
Child: Well, my job is to smile.

I asked one of my 8th graders if she was coming to Campaigners tonight and she immediately responded, "Yes ma'am! WLW ARE THE BEST!" She's right. I really do love Wyld Life Wednesdays.

At the end of the last CILT Reunion Tim talked to us about the things that make camp magical. They're basic things that can be implemented anywhere, it just happens that camp does them all really well. I think Wyld Life has some of that magic going on here too-- 

1. Sharing (time, space, meals, knowledge, experiences) 
2. Having a cause bigger than yourself (Christianity, being part of Wyld Life, small groups at Campaigners, cabins at camp)
3. Continuously getting better at something (learning about your faith, trying new things at camp, better person, better leader)
4. Physical activity

When you find a place that has all of those elements you can't help but want to be part of it and just keep coming back again and again. There's a contagious energy and you want people you care about to be involved too. 

In the past few months we've been more intentional about breaking into small groups. We're trying to help leaders become connected with the same kids week after week as well as facilitating new friendships to form between different friend groups and grade levels. Getting to hang out with Grace, Payton, Jayla, Ellison, McKenna and Evie all at once really rocks.

To be honest, bible studies/campaigners/small groups have felt routine lately. I've gotten a little bit burnt out-- even though I care about all these different groups of kids and I'm passionate about what we're learning. But tonight there was a new energy, focus and excitement in this room of girls. We read through the creation story in Genesis together verse by verse. For a lot of these girls, it was the very first time they'd heard how God created the world. We got to to read about God making the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea, the stars of the night and every living thing, and how he made us in His own image. There were moments when you could see the astounding shock on girls faces and when their minds were being blown. They asked great questions and thought about their answers. It was freaking awesome.

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