Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Miss Wright, I didn't know Hillary Clinton was a girl. I thought that was a boy name."

Highs of the Day:
1. Going to RNR at the HS before school to support Chloe and hear KCraig's talk
2. KCraig came to school to bring me lunch, work on the WYL bus tour and make class more fun
3. It's spirit week and I got to wear PJ pants all day
4. Letters from Nikki Lanigan Jones and Becca Wiebke
5. Chipotle with Ellyn and DC 2k16 counselors Allie, Caroline and Ashley

Tecumseh Moments I Miss Today
1. When all of the CILT counselors joined the Fugitives Session 3
2. When Alli and I took the CILTs on a walking tour of River Village (to get steps) instead of just waiting at Irving for the bus (where you get 0 steps)
3. Telling the CILTs they were having an Easter Egg Hunt in Main Field and then watching all 40 of them leap off the CILT porch
4. Heart to Hearts at the end of the Prayer Station devotion with Nikki and Bridget during their sessions
5. All of Liz Koch's bday extravaganza (especially the ruler chandelier, Riptide and SuperBass wake up, emails from Session 1 and 2, Empire and blob time, pizza for dinner, snacks galore, a special hike up to Upper Pioneer)

Honorable Mention Blog Title
"I've had 32 oz in the past 10 minutes trying to decide which hole of the splash guard I like better."

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