Monday, February 8, 2016

"You have taken me under your wing (or Patagonia) and we've become so close."

I don't think anyone would ever pick Monday as the best day to wake up extra early, but that's what I've been doing with this group of 7th grade girls. And you know what? It's the best. Spending time with these girls, talking about Jesus and whimsy and love is the perfect kick start to the week. 

They've started following Bob Goff on Instagram, since we're reading Love Does, and one of the just noticed this group from a jail book club. The prisoners have to hold the books over their faces. 

So of course the girls wanted to do the same thing. Solidarity, sisters.

Shhhh! Top Secret Insider Information: In April some of my friends will be putting on a huge event to raise money for their mission trips. Chloe, Rachel, Es and Lauren are going out to be His hands and feet-- but the act of obedience, fundraising and patiently trusting that God will provide is teaching them a whole lot right now. Their event is going to sell a whole slew of different crafts so I'm going to provide a stack of fun canvases. I can't wait to see everything they bring together.

The Fall Creek Clubhouse is having an Open House for the current 6th graders tonight, telling them all about what our school has to offer. In my absence Grace and Hannah, two Varsity braceleters, represented the FBC. Honestly, I'm so sad I only have part of a semester left with them. They're awesome.

Thanks to the weather, AP Psych, sports and a whole other list of reasons YL was tiny tonight. But even though it was tiny it was still so awesome.
Favorite moments: Leader knockout before dinner, my 2nd Chinese meal of the day for Chinese new year, giving Sophia a bracelet, sitting and talking with Erin and Olivia, a hug from Jessica, getting to be in a group with all of the girls, talking about how we've seen God show up and how we need him in our lives now.

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