Sunday, February 14, 2016

"Bus Luke, how's business?" "BOOMIN!" FCJH takes DC day 2

Tommy's making moves. Bus Driver John renamed him Mac Daddy.

A little bit of bus karaoke 

White House Visitor's Center

Getting to be one of the teachers on this trip is one of my favorite things-- so much time with Wyld Life kids and students I really love

 We love FDR and MLK

National Archives-- home of famous documents including the Constitution and Bill of Rights

We eat in food courts and use vouchers for most of the trip. When you end up with an extra voucher the chaperones get sweet treats like this beautiful crepe. 

Holocaust Museum

We got to go all the way up to the top of the Washington Monument. From the top you can look out in all four directions over DC.

I came up with the last group of Bus Luke kids and met Beesley up there. Just before we were about to go back down the elevator stopped working. We waited for over 30 minutes before the guard got permission to take us down the 897 stairs-- this never, ever happens. We were so excited...

American History Smithsonian Museum-- Livy, Brooklyn, Han and I vote for a Patagonia exhibit

One of my favorite parts of the trip every year is the dance party. This year we took over the Spring Hill Rec Center for a dance party, basketball, corn hole and wall ball. The DJ Mary was fantastic and you can bet I was even more pumped when I found out she's a librarian during the day.

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