Thursday, February 4, 2016

"The woman at the door of Sam's Club is wearing a Patagonia sweater, long jean skirt and a scrunchie-- that's us in 2075 just wanting a job where you get to make more friends."

FBC was the definition of low key today-- three people making bracelets, about 12 girls on one side of the room and 6 boys on the other, no game, just talking. Sometimes we need things to be a little bit chill and not so intense. 

Alana and I had our own little dinner date tonight which was just wonderful. Usually we're hanging out with a ton of her friends but I so appreciated time with just her. Plus I got to gift her with the 'Merica bracelet she's been wanting for awhile (and she put me on her story).

Alana and I found a spot right in the middle of the parent section at the basketball game. The 8th grade choir from my school and my old school we're singing the national anthem together and I wanted to be there to cheer them on. Little did we know that this was also the Best Buddies game, Dance Marathon game and 5th grade basketball night. The place was packed.

In a matter of minutes our little bench was packed with friends-- Sam, Chloe, Hools, Kegley, Genna, Hannah, Samone, Katy and Nicole. Sometimes the best parties are the unplanned ones like this. We really freaking love these people. 

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