Sunday, February 28, 2016

"I hear that there is a conspiracy theory that Katy Perry is actually Jonbenet Ramsey."

Highs of the Weekend

Friday- Pizza Reunion with Colleen and Emel, my old roommates. We lived together for two of the funniest, happiest, quirkiest years of my life. This pair is truly incredible-- not only are they never in a bad mood (seriously, they never are) but they're also brilliant and successful. Plus, they let me teach them things like what a DM is or how to search in your text messages. We reminisced about factory dollars, kale phases and old traditions.

Saturday- I picked up Sarah, Gidget and Fudge for dinner (where we learned about chip rationing and dipping techniques) and to see the new movie The Choice. These three are adorable, silly, fun and kind. All three of them wear crying during the movie and holding each other's hands with a death grip. They bracelet like it's their job and talk about Meredith and Derek like they hung out with them yesterday. They're full of character, gumption, creativity and joy. I always love being around them.

Sunday- Baby-sitting field trip to KCraig's house. I'm staying with a family all week while their parents are away. Ben and Caroline love dogs but don't have any of their own. Lucky for them, KCraig lives just around the corner right now with golden doodles Ben and Molly.

Today included paper airplanes, multiple volleyball practices, Fuller House, homework, unloading dishes, waffle paninis, remote control helicopters and a friendship bracelet marathon. It's going to be a great week.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles
"I should've asked for Ranch." "I wanted to too, but I didn't want to seem fat."
"Does that take Factory dollars?" "No! Stitch Fix is free!"

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