Thursday, February 25, 2016

"That was a play I was in in High School. I was an old woman. In a fat suit. And I died on stage in the first scene."

On Tuesday, at our Tecumseh dinner, Ellyn told us about how frustrated she was with her store's lack of recycling. They only have a dumpster for cardboard but they throw away and enormous amount of plastic each day. Did you know that almost all of the clothes in retail arrive to the store individually wrapped in plastic? I didn't either. Today Ellyn took matters into her own hands and took home all of the plastic from this morning. A WHOLE JEEP FULL. FROM ONE MORNING. 

Changing the world, one Jeep full of plastic at a time. 

 Highs of the Day
1. Twin Day at the Clubhouse meant three 7th grade girls and I were all wearing our neon Patagonia
2. Hanging out with KCraig and a circle of girls during FBC
3. Finally reuniting with Sarah, Brooklyn and Emily post-DC trip
4. Dinner date with Alli Sams at Olive Garden
5. Top Secret Planning Meeting at the Devoe House for a coming-soon-YL-event

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"Last night I had a dream that I found the bracelet you gave me on a person's wrist. I was so proud because I spoke up for myself."

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