Monday, February 1, 2016

"Did you know that smelling farts helps prevent cancer? It's true! I've read it on the internet like 75 times!"

THIS IS SO COOL! I've had an obsession with needlepoint crafts for well over a year now. I keep saying that I'm going to learn, but I've yet to make that happen. Last week Cassidy showed up to YL with a surprise needlepoint for Julia which was so cool. I talked to her later and said, "I don't like to ask for things, but I'm willing to do anything for one of your crafts. Could you ever make me one?" She told me that not only did I not have to do anything, but she would let me pick a pattern!

I ended up picking a whole collection of favorites so I would still be surprised when she finished it. Tonight, just a week later, she showed up with this You Make Me Happy. I love it. 

Then she told me she had a SECOND gift for me. I had no idea what to expect but she pulled out a SECOND NEEDLEPOINT and it was a FREAKING PATAGONIA! I died. Well, I didn't die, but I fell to the ground and had tears in my eyes I was so dang excited. These are beautiful. 

I love nice people (like Cass) who make cool things (like happy, Patagonia needlepoints). 

You can bet the rest of the Young Life night was great too.

Teen Girl Squad...

the Bro gang...

old friends and new friends coming together...

friends helping out friends...

vulnerable conversations, truth about wresting with God, so many hugs, singing together and time together to just be. I love Monday nights at Young Life. 

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