Thursday, February 18, 2016

"Sarah! I'm finally cool! A sports team accepted me!"

After Young Life and Wyld Life were thriving in HSE, it was a dream to start Capernaum-- YL for our friends with special needs. Some of those friends like Grace, Grace and Jack come to Club and Campaigners out at the Barn. Once a month we now have Capernaum after school at the HS. Usually I'm at FBC at the Clubhouse but today I went to hang out and have some fun. 

We ate breadsticks, talked about God's love for us, played Where the Wind Blows and Corn Hole. Then it was the moment we'd all been waiting for. At the very first Capernaum we asked our friends to dream audacious dreams. Gracie immediately spoke up and said, "I want to have a dance party with the Varsity Basketball team." Today that dream came true. 

The Capernaum crew was dancing in the cafeteria, and let me tell you, these friends have got some moves. All of a sudden the whole basketball team arrived and brought up the energy about 10 levels. It was crazy. Brianna, Gracie and Roxy were in the middle of the circle totally loving it.

This was a day to be remembered. So much love, so much dancing, so much joy.

Tonight was the 2nd Chik Fil A Fundraiser Dinner in honor of our friends Chloe and Rachel and their mission trips. I showed up with Chloe, found JT and Ayden, sat with Emily, chatted with Ciarra (once we discovered she wasn't actually in the cow suit), welcomed Maddie, Hools and Cami, talked with Chloe and Rachel, nearly cried when Brooke unexpectedly walked in and squealed when little Brookie showed up after swim practice. It was a revolving door of awesome people.

Brooke and Brooke are basically twins-- not just their name and blonde hair, but their silliness, genuine love for their friends, optimism, resiliency, heart and fun. Getting to see them both at the very same time was as magical and rare as a lunar eclipse.

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"You know I like to party late."

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