Monday, February 15, 2016

"C'mon guys, let's show some decor!" FCJH takes DC day 3

First we visited the Navy Memorial and the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial (no photography allowed) which was really, really cool. 

Natural History Smithsonian Museum is one of my favorites. 

This is so weird...

Arlington National Cemetery was closed so we headed out to Mt. Vernon aka Washington's home.

The Air and Space Museum closed because of weather so we headed back to the mall for lunch. This time we all got $10 instead of vouchers so I GOT CHIPOTLE! Haley the Wellness teacher found some Wellness tea.

Most of our group got their flight cancelled and had to spend an extra night in DC. Luke and Anakin made it to the airport for our 6pm flight which got delayed but still took off. 

Just spreading decor and street smarts with the kids of Bus Luke.

We were late to meet our connecting flight in Atlanta, sprinted through the airport with 60 kids and luckily made the plane when they held it for us. We then waited on the runway for a storm to pass over us. Finally we landed in Indy just before midnight and made it home by 1:30.

 It's been an awesome 3 days-- God Bless 'merica, DC and the kids and teachers of FCJH and HIJH.

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