Sunday, February 21, 2016

"I was accidentally staring at you a lot."

Some dear friends of mine are going on some incredible trips in the next year. One of the ways they're going to raise money is by having a huge event selling all kinds of crafts. I've just finished a stack of canvases that I'm adding to their stockpile. We love crafts and good words and reminders of whimsy.

Maddie is the queen of making sure we hang out a lot-- I love that. We grabbed lunch after I went to church and before I had to drop her off at cheer. I'm thankful for her stories, for heart to hearts and how we're always anticipating what we're going to do next.

Tonight finished up our five weeks of the Jen Hatmaker Brave Girl series. It's been everything I hoped it would be-- a new way of growing in faith, a collection of girls that don't ordinarily gather together, a jumping point for what comes next and a season of laughter, real talk and transparency.  

Part of the message tonight was about how God has created each of us with a purpose, with gifts with a unique calling. Jen said that if you're not sure what gifts God has given you that you should ask other people who know you well to tell you. Rachel prompted us to take the opportunity to go around the circle and tell each other how we think they're beautifully made and how they show love to the people around them in real and tangible ways. It was awesome. These girls know and love one another so well.

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