Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"The worst part about needle pointing is that you want to do it in bed but I just lost the need, I repeat I JUST LOST THE NEEDLE. Update: found the needle. Needles should be neon to avoid this issue."

 Little did I know how much I would love chaperoning the Washington DC field trip when I first went in 2013. I finally said yes to Mr. Brown and spent three hilarious, educational, dance-filled, educational days in the nation's capital with an army of 8th graders. I got to know this group of 8th grade girls even more than I anticipated. After we returned home, KCraig and I started a bible study with them for the rest of the year. Now they're Juniors in HS and all of them are still in our lives in some way or another.

2014 was a surprise. I got partnered up with Mr. Hodgin, my favorite teacher friend. We were ready for the earliest flight with our 25 kids. That flight got post posed, then cancelled and we found ourselves stuck in the Indianapolis airport from 3am till 5pm. We made it to Philadelphia where our connecting flight was not waiting for us and hadn't left to come to us yet. Our next move was to take a bus-- but it took the bus over an hour to find us outside of the gate. Once we got on the bus the constant clanging in the ceiling kept us from falling asleep. We made it to the hotel in DC by midnight, each got a free Papa John's pizza and headed to our rooms to collapse into bed. The rest of the trip wasn't nearly as eventful. Looking back, we wouldn't trade our airport day for anything.

The 8th graders of 2015 included girls from two different bible studies that I'd been leading for two years. I loved getting to hanging out with all of the kids on my bus and was impressed with how quickly they learned and perfected our bus cheer. We went to the White House for the very first time and thanks to Kid President's example and advice we licked the wallpaper inside. 

We're just 10 days away from the 2016 trip and I'm beyond excited. I get to lead with Beesley and Hodgin, so many fun kids are signed up for the trip and I know that this year will hold it's own surprises. There are a few new things on the schedule too like the Spy Museum, Pentagon and Spring Hill Rec Center for the Dance Party.

Tonight I met with Wyld Life leaders Rachel, Katy, Julia and KCraig for discipleship. One of the most important parts of our job is to make sure we're growing in our faith and building one another up. This community is one of my favorite things.

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