Saturday, February 13, 2016

"I just like his hair. And his jawline. But he's not a good person." FCJH takes DC day 1

Team Luke (aka Hodgin, Beesley and Wright) headed out with our crew of kids at 8am Saturday morning

We arrived in Baltimore, ready to meet up with the rest of FCJH and HIJH

 First stop: The White House (aka the Party House)

Huffine and I ran into Olivia Pope and Fitz in the hall then they showed us their favorite patio to hang out on. Petruzzi looks a whole lot like Lincoln.

"If this is the China room where is the America room?"

We're changing the Ballroom to the Rave Room...

Our whole group took our picture in-front of the Capitol building-- the weirdest thing is they'll photo shop the whole thing so you can't see any construction.  Han, Grace and I broke out the Keep Exploring flag for the first time.

Einstein is always one of my favorite spots in DC

We hit up the Kennedy Center

Visited the Newseum for the first time ever

 Bought all our new sweatshirts at Joe's Souveniers

Went on a night tour of the memorials and monuments

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