Wednesday, February 24, 2016

"I was born with these on me, it's a rare disease called hyperbraceletia."

 I posted this picture of friendship bracelets this afternoon with the following caption:

Today one of my kids asked me, "Miss Wright, why do you like friendship bracelets so much?" Guess what I said...

Ellyn started a chain of comments with the funniest things I wish I would have thought to say in that moment...

  • Because each knot represents friendship and a memory
  • Because I think my wrists are hideous
  • Because I actually don't have skin on my wrists, it's just bone
  • Because I like daily reminders of my friends and wearing them on wrists
  • Because my wrists get cold easily
  • Because fun colors make me happy
  • Because if friendship bracelets didn't exist neither would I
  • Because they remind me of camp
  • Because I have many friends, but why don't you stop trying to distract yourself from your work and actually sit down and do it
  • I was born with these on me, it's a rare disease called hyperbraceletia
  • My arm hair grows into friendship bracelets. Idk. It's weird
  • You know how you like to pick your nose and eat the boogers? It's same thing but less gross and more fashionable
  • Because my lawyer told me my old hobby was "not normal" (collecting friends' eyelashes)
  • Because my dad is Hobby Lobby
  • You don't even go here
  • I'm trying to make enough to stretch all the way to Pluto, either help me or get outta the way
  • Because hand bell choir didn't work out for me
  • Because I sweat friendship bracelet string ad I really just don't know what to do with all of it. I've tried making curtains but they caught on fire and I've discovered that wrists are less flammable OKAY?!

The Staff v. Student Basketball Game is one of the many reasons I love my school. This is seconds before tip off when the tallest student (over 7 feet tall) faced off against one of our shortest teachers (just about 5 feet tall). Our principal, vice principal and athletic director all played on the court, the kids were so excited about the game and had their own coach and manager. The stands were full of kids and parents-- watching, cheering and laughing as they watched the players fight it out. 

Because of bad weather rolling in, Wyld Life got cancelled tonight which was a total bummer. Lucky for me, I still met up with Rachel and Chloe for dinner. There's never a dull moment with these two and I'm so thankful for them.

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