Sunday, January 23, 2011

Club Sandwich Club. Flannel Club. Pet Club. James Bond Club. Reading Club. Club Soda Club. Debate Club Club.

I love watching people play Just Dance 2.

We made a bracket of all the leaders- Sar and Avery battled in the Final and Sar was victorious.

Then we played boys vs. girls on the medleys and switched team members with each new song. The girls might have won 5 out of 5 rounds, but the sensor was probably tilted. 

A trip to Huddles, a dance party, and club brainstorming were all pretty great. In the morning we headed to Common Ground, had an early lunch at Broad Ripple Bagel, and then back to the boys house to plan club for this semester.

These are such creative and talented people. They have great ideas and they are dedicated to loving Christ and loving kids. I'm lucky to work and live life with them.

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