Friday, January 21, 2011

Main Characters

I was telling my friend Sarah what I was going to do tonight, "Well I'm going to dinner with Colleen, one of my CILT girls, and her sister before we go watch Molly, another CILT, in her play. Then I'm going to watch one of my FBC girls play Lacrosse and sit with another FBC girl... Not a typical itinerary for a 23-year-old on a Friday night but I'm really excited about it."

I have this thing about showing up. I really think you should do it. I talk with my friend Taylor all the time about how I love that she is dependable. Giving someone your time is one of the greatest gifts. Tonight I got to live out what I believe.

This is Kelly... I mean Molly.

Tonight she played Kelly in the Junior Spec play Barbie World. She was hilarious. I loved her costume and her pigtails and the way she skipped all over the stage and how she basically got to be peppy, excited Molly on stage.

Colleen, Kelsey, and I were part of her cheering section. We were so proud to know her.

Today at school Natalie told me she was going to watch Sabrina play lacrosse tonight. We figured out that her game was at this indoor facility less than a minute from my apartment so I told her I would come sit with her and keep her company. 

I got there and recognized Sabrina on the field right away with her ponytail swinging. I used to go to the same place last year to watch my Young Life girls' soccer games and it was so fun to see Saba in action. I recognized a couple other students playing but there was no Natalie. Weird.

As soon as the game was over Sabrina AND Natalie came sprinting around to where all the parents were waiting. They yelled, "MISS WRIGHT! MISS WRIGHT! NATALIE WAS PLAYING GOALIE FOR THE OTHER TEAM! SHE PLAYED IN THE GAME!" 

The other team was missing some players so they subbed Natalie in. I didn't recognize her because she was covered in all the padding and had on a huge helmet. I should have recognized her purple corduroy Toms. Natalie had never played lacrosse before and was flipping out that she had just spent a whole game in the goal. 

They're such rockstars.

All of these girls have become some of the main characters of my life. Natalie is one of the very first people I see every morning when she comes to visit my classroom. I know I'll see Saba after sixth hour everyday when she passes by and yells, "Hi Miss Wright!" They both shine joy in our school.

I love that I get to see Molly and Colleen in real life. Colleen loves camp and friendship bracelets. I love that she's so excited for the Jake Ousley songfest on Sunday and already planning camp gatherings for the summer. Molly is precious. Really.  She wants to live life as the best version of herself and wants to surround herself with great people. I love how she feels every emotion to 56th degree. I really hope she wins best actress after the final Spec performance tomorrow night. She totes deserves it.

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