Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to Junior High

I was filling up my water bottle before first period when about 10 of my 8th grade FBC girls walk into the bathroom. Mary is wearing a bump-it today. We all examined her hair and they talked about the process of teasing your hair to acquire a proper bump.

I passed Natalie in the hall on the way back to class. She's wearing glasses today. Her eyes are fine. She asked her mom for fake glasses for Christmas. If anyone asks why the glasses are clear (as in not prescription) she's going to say, "Oh, I have an astigmatism, my eyes are messed up," because people in Junior High don't know what an astigmatism is.

24 students are sitting in their desks when I walk back into my room. Every single one is silent. No one told them to be quiet or sit down. They just do. Every day. It's really weird.

Today before our 10 minute write I say, "You guys! I just found out that in 10 minutes the school is releasing dangerous gas into the classrooms to wipe our memories. We have to write down everything that we want to remember before that happens. Make a list of everything important that you don't want to forget! Ready, set write." 5th period thinks that I'm serious and gets really nervous.

Keep in mind the things they write down are the ONLY things they will remember for forever. "My shoe size is 9. I love my mom. Black Ops. I like chicken. You need to remember to brush your dog's teeth. I skipped kindergarten. You want to be a teacher when you grow up. I have two best friends. Sharks are going to rule the world. I hate Justin Bieber. I love Justin Bieber. How to blink. How to read and write. My favorite color is orange. I am a Christian. I eat clementines 6 at a time. Only enter the men's bathroom. My first dance."

One of my 2nd period girls is best friends with one of my 3rd period girls. Everyday they hug each other during the transition. Today 2nd period girl kissed 3rd period girl on the cheek who then screamed, "EWWW! PDA sick."

We were talking about clothes after Maggie was very curious about the color of my corduroys. They're purple. Rachel told us that she writes down what she is going to wear for the week on a post-it note and then sticks it to her wall. She has rows of these notes so that she won't repeat outfits too close to each other.

One of my chalkboards is the "refrigerator door" and I load it up with pictures of my classes and the FBC or cards or quotes that kids write. Just saw one of my kids put a piece of paper that says, "Like" on one of the pictures she's in.

"Miss Wright, Natalie colored my hair red on Saturday and it took 3 hours and 3 markers."

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