Monday, January 31, 2011


On my way home from school Sar said, "We need to go to Meijer and stock up." We didn't waste anytime and Sar jumped in my car right from the workout center before even going home.


The parking lot was a zoo.

This is one of the last three loaves of bread in the entire world. Maybe. I'm not really sure why people decide they want to eat an enormous amount of bread when they're snowed in but they sure are ready for french toast and pb & j.

These are the essentials for survival when you may be snowed in for days. Milk, yogurt, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, brownie and muffin mix, pizza, two donuts, and eggs. Like I said, the essentials.

Sar wanted bananas. But they're all gone. Every last little bit of potassium has been bought in preparation for the Snowmageddon. All of the chickens and strawberries were also sold out.

The entire population of Indianapolis, maybe Indiana, was in line to make sure they were prepared. Some people's choice of survival gear was questionable. One man out braving the ice filled his cart with cat litter, a potted plant, baby food, a pillow and three boxes of assorted soda.

Stay inside. Put on your sweatpants. Charge your computer before the power goes out. Fill your bathtub with water. Make baked goods now. Stay tuned for cancellations and weather alerts.

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