Monday, January 24, 2011

It was a people kind of day

I love days like today where my schedule is all about people and conversation. 

My students were awesome today and we had fun writing and talking together. The funniest part might have been when Rachel told me she had to go give a presentation about George Washington with a sock puppet.

I had coffee with my friend Katie today whom I haven't seen since summer. This girl is incredible. This summer all the counselors would talk about what a great "prayer" Katie was because of a night she prayed for their group to find joy. I think that the reason we felt like Katie was so connected to God was because she is so connected to God. Today she was telling me about how she leads junior high youth group, is mentoring a friend who is converting to Catholicism, has changed friends even though it was difficult, and loves to have conversations about her faith. Katie is living out what she believes.

We had wyld life leadership tonight followed by Campaigners. I like after meal questions, finding out about people getting hired at camp, singing the worship song off key, David reading the story of the prodigal son by flashlight, talking about looking for God, and spending time with these friends.

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