Sunday, September 7, 2014

"And don't be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is God's place for you. Live, obey, love and believe right here." 1 Cor 7:17

Our dear CILT Session 1 friend Avery used to live in Carmel but currently lives in Texas. She was back this weekend for a wedding so we had to figure out a way to see her. The Yuska sisters Rachel and Ashley hosted a brunch at their house and invited all the area CILTies to come this morning. 

We hadn't all hung out since CILTs and it was so good to be reunited with Maggie, Sloan, Avery, Ellie, Kate, Rachel, Chloe, Maggie, Ashley, Sam and Grace. 

Instead of sitting at a restaurant for just an hour, we got to cook together, eat outside and then play in their yard. It was perfect. When I spotted the tree house you know I had to climb up and check it out.

Grace was ready to try out the tire swing even though she was very concerned about swinging into the tree. Avery fell off the hammock multiple times but kept trying to get balanced. I loved that all these girls were just so relaxed and having fun together--not worried about homework or tests or work.

When we heard that Avery was coming back there was no question that we'd find a way to see her. Avery is one of those people that just makes you feel so loved. She's incredibly sweet, resilient, genuine, bold and care free. After we posted pictures on Instagram other CILTs commented how much they wished they could have seen her too.

I'm so thankful that my friendships with Kate, Ellie, Rachel and Maggie can continue here in Indy. Whether we meet up for dinner or I go to one of their meets I love when our lives overlap. They're all such fantastic people and I'm better for knowing them.

It was a low-key-crafting-and-netflix kind of afternoon but I got to go to dinner with Julia and Hannah. These two are so incredibly wise. This year is turning out differently than what they expected and I so admire the way they are both handling it. They are trusting that God is still in control and that he has great plans for their lives, even if they're different plans than what they had predicted. They both live with such joy, integrity and optimism. I love them even more than Chipotle burrito bowls and milkshakes for dessert.  

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