Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's Daily Affirmations

I love watching The Butterfly Circus every period
I love walking Audrey to 6th period every day
I love working on a friendship bracelet that I really love
I love taco triangles and cookies on Thursdays

I love the Nick Vujicic simulcast about confidence and anti-bullying
I love how Nick just threw in the bible in the middle of a simulcast to hundreds and thousands of students
I love Friendship Bracelet Club
I love playing Where The Wind Blows
I love meeting new kids
I love sitting with the 8th grade homies Maddie, Cami, Maggie, Maddy, Silvana, Elyse and Mia
I love listening to Disney Channel Stars on Pandora and singing along

I love dinner dates with Julia, Hannah and there moms
I love giant Diet Cokes with free refills
I love watching YL girls and old students play volleyball
I love talking to seniors in the student section
I love cheering during a really great point
I love when we win
I love working on a bracelet while everything else is happening
I love hearing from old friends

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