Monday, September 1, 2014

"Homies help homies. No matter what."

Just like everyone else, I love Labor Day because we get to sleep in on a Monday. This Labor Day was extra great because after I woke up I got to go meet with some Young Life Senior girls for breakfast at the Pancake House. Sam, Peyton and Kylie were in my first class of students in 2009, Hannah has been in YL for three years now and I more recently met Devin and Cassidy.

I loved getting to hang out and be friends with these girls this morning. We talked about real life together and I was struck by how great they are. I love that we've still got a whole year to hang out before they graduate. We hung out on the sidewalk for a long time just talking, not ready to go home yet. I'm thankful for that comfortable friendship with these girls and all the fun that's bound to happen this year.

I got a bit creative this weekend and used Lindsay's Letters for inspiration.

Liz Huston, a freshmen, and I got to hang out and go to dinner tonight. I'm such a fan of this girl and love whenever we get to hang out whether we're going to dinner, getting stuck in the airport on the way to Washington D.C. or going to christian concerts together. We ate lots of chips and salsa, talked about Freshmen year and planned our next great adventure.

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