Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lists of the Day

Highs of the Day:

1. KCraig visited HSJH during lunch today
2. No Pants Wednesday with Cami and KCraig
3. Getting to see Cecilia, Audrey and Lulu upstairs
4. Buzz around school for FBC starting tomorrow
5. Hanging out with Erin King tonight and catching up on life
6. Camp T meeting with the Senior counselors for the field trip-- great seeing so many old friends
7. Teaching a group to play One Froggie and 5
8. A letter from my Blazer homie Erin Williams
9. More people signing up for Varsity
10. Even though I wasn't there-- hearing about and seeing pictures of the first Wyld Life Campaigners tonight

Top 10 People Who I Wish I Could See From Camp Today

1. Natalia (Rest Hour songs, witty comments and great dance moves)
2. Stevo
3. Mary Cate Meyer
4. Kelly Wentland (her birthday is tomorrow!)
5. Devon Kennedy
6. Kristen Johnson
7. Erin Williams
8. Maggie Shadid
9. Erin O'Awesome
10. Meghan Quinn

Top 10 Random Things I Love About HSJH

1. The 8th grade DC Field Trip
2. Passing periods with Hodgin
3. Thursdays when we have Taco Triangles and chocolate chip cookies
4. A whole week at Tecumseh for the field trip
5. FBC on Thursday afternoons
6. Seeing Garret, Henry, Audrey, Hannah and Lulu on the announcements
7. The Amazing Race every Fall
8. Riley Spirit Weeks
9. Switching students at semester
10. Friday morning bible studies with 8th grade girls

Top 10 Things You Might Not Realize Are A Really Big Deal At Tecumseh

1. Getting cookies instead of Turbo Tubes at lunch
2. Finishing all your PLs before dinner on Friday night
3. When Braves get a whole cabin of Blue Bands
4. Being in Teton or Arapaho as a Pathfinder
5. Getting to the fruit bar in time to get strawberries
6. Earning your 3rd year Green Jacket
7. A cabin with no Night Meds
8. Getting a bench in the middle section of chapel or closing campfire
9. When a camper from earlier in the summer sends you mail
10. Having tacos on your night on and being off for baked ham

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