Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Is this where we talk about Abraham Lincoln's mom and how she died down here?"

Today is our training day for our field trip rookie counselors at Camp Tecumseh. They all road up from Fishers on a bus together and I came down from Michigan to meet them. I got there early enough that I could do some exploring of my own first. 

I checked out the completed boat house that Smooney and I worked on so hard all summer. It's pretty fantastic isn't it? I can't wait to see it in use next summer. I'm thinking we might have to try to have a CILT girl sleep out on the porch.

There is an exciting new project going on in River Village that requires a new path. I hiked the new trail that has been created through part of the Oak Forest.

There are several new really cool bridges over little ravines and gullies. I can't tell you about the big project yet, but it's going to be awesome.

Just walking down Lake Road between villages is one of my favorite views in all of camp. It doesn't get much more simple or beautiful than this. My walks with campers down this road have held some of my favorite conversations.

Once the rookie counselors arrived we divided them in half. Libey and I took our group on a River Village loop and Brown took his on a loop of Lake Village. We swapped kids halfway through the afternoon so they would see it all. Let's say we're extremely pumped to be here with all of the 7th graders in a week.

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