Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today's Letters

Dear Friendship Bracelet Club,
Thanks for being my favorite part of every Thursday. Making new friends, racing through games and tying knots with you all is the best. Oh my goodness--the video we helped make today about the FBC team was the greatest thing that's every happened to the daily announcements. Thanks for letting me be your coach. 

p.s. Hope and Katy P-- I'm so glad you showed up again today.

Dear Volleyball Girls,
Congrats on another win for both teams. You girls are doing such a good job of working together. I'm glad I could learn the importance of saying "hit" instead of "spike" so I don't look like a fool. Today I loved getting to cheer with the Hodgins, KCraigs family and Maddie in the stands. Volleyball is one of my favorite parts of the Fall.

Dear Tristan, Brannt and KCraig,

First of all-- before tonight I never knew what a COLTs  Blitz Box was. I'm incredibly impressed by your ability to put away 20 chicken nuggets, 3 large fries and 2 Big Macs.
Second of all- you skit for Wyld Life is going to be hilarious. I can't wait to see you become these tree-house living, squirrel-wrangling cowboys. #blessedbaconbits You guys are the bomb. Thanks for carrying about this program and the Jr High kids.

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