Saturday, September 27, 2014

Linc and Red's Birthday!

It's the nephews birthday weekend so Aunt Rarah drove up to Michigan to celebrate. Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of Lincoln yelling in the kitchen about how excited he was for his party. We ate birthday pancakes together--sprinkles in the batter and then blueberries! Red went to town destroying his.

We put the finishing touches on the Curious George Birthday Party before family and friends arrived at Katie and Nick's house. This is the third backyard bash and it's become quite the tradition.

I love getting to hang out with my sister, Nick, Linc and Red and my parents. Having Nick's family and their friends from small group there is just a bonus.

The kids played in the leaves, we had new creative hot dog toppings, Linc and Red went crazy over apple juice boxes and everyone just enjoyed the sun.

All the kids got to play a game together-- they had to pop these yellow balloons to get out the candy that we had put inside. It was pretty easy for the older kids but more fun to watch the toddlers and babies try to pop them.

They gathered all the cousins together for a picture-- it's impossible to get this many young kids to look at you and smile but they're still pretty cute.

Katie and I made banana chocolate chip cupcakes in honor of Curious George for dessert.

The boy's birthday weekend always falls on Hope's Pull so we make the trip to the Black River to cheer on the teams.

The freshmen even year (Annihilate) lost to the sophomore odd year (Retribution) which was a win for me. We were on the even year side while we were there and I got to run into some friends, talk with Ellen Awad and hang out with Katie and Linc a lot.

Linc is very pensive as he studies the Pull, ready to be a puller one day down the road.

I randomly ran into Holly, our Work Crew server at Michindoh two summers ago, and Maggie, a SIB in my family line. It was so good to see them both and catch up with them. They're both such sweet, positive people. I'm a fan of them.

We got to go to the Holland Brewery for dinner, one of our favorite places, and then back home to put the boys to bed. It was an awesome day in Michigan and I loved spending time with my family.

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